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What Is Palmistry ?

Palm reading was (and still is) a predominantly Asian and Oriental skill, and this knowledge has only in relatively recent times been analyzed and written down, rather than passed on verbally. The connection of ideas between palmistry and astrology makes more sense when we look at them both from the viewpoint of astrological ideas that pre-date Jungian psychology, and also as they are considered in the East. The traditional names of the various parts of a hand are linked to the seven visible planets—the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The energies connected to those hand areas were once closely linked to astrology, but both palmistry and astrology have become modernized, and the two systems have drifted slightly apart. So let us look at the links between them and perhaps learn something of older forms of astrological thinking, and also the way people thought of themselves and the world they lived in way back when.